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These Hitler Youth knife diamonds are a great option if your knife is missing one.
Many of these knifes have their diamonds lost to time.
They are a great quality reproduction and will fit the majority of HJ knives but not the very early ones as they had smaller ones.
They measure 25mm x 15mm

Price £18

I have recently managed to have some HJ Knife grips made by a fellow collector using copies off an original HJ Knife.

These grips are excellent quality and are suitable for the HJ Knives that contained the larger diamond (which were normally knives dated 1938 onwards)

Although there are many HJ knife makers, the grips are fairly generic and should fit most knives.

I have managed to source the correct size rivets and therefore can offer the following services;

      1. Supply only of Grip set and rivets    £20

      2. Supply only of Grip set, rivets and repro diamond  £38

      3. Fit grip set  (work done by me) with rivets and repro diamond   £78  (plus return shipping cost).

I can also fit an existing Hitler Youth diamond that you may have into these replacement grips.


Any questions please ask

I have managed to source some Navy Blue  (AND BLACK) Goat leather from a UK supplier which is large enough to recover a 1st Pattern Luftwaffe dagger scabbard. I can also supply to fit Luftwaffe sword scabbards

The original leather on these daggers quite commonly cracks and comes away leaving it looking quite 'shabby'.


This is the same type of leather used by original makers and I have had it 'split' so that it is paper thin (as the original leather was) so that it will fit under the scabbard fittings.


Supply only is £30 for daggers and £50 for swords but I can fit scabbard leather for £75 (including the leather) for 1st Luftwaffe daggers and £95 for Swords.

I can also supply for grips at £20 and fit for £55 (including the leather).


I have managed to source grip wire suitable for various Third Reich daggers.


This consists of ;


1. Double twisted Aluminium wire

2. Singe core aluminium wire

3. Double twisted Brass wire

4. Single core Brass wire


Various daggers require grip wire such as;


1st Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger

2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger

Navy Dagger


Some 1st Pattern Luftwaffe daggers have both a double twist wire with a single strand on either side.


The wire is new not original but made to exactly the same specifications and looks great.

I can also 'age' the brass wire if required.


The picture below shows the aluminium double and single twist. 


Each piece supplied will be 40 inches in length which is more than enough for one dagger .


Price £8 per length

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