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Dagger Repairs


I am now able to offer various types of repairs.


Examples of repairs I am able to carry out include


1. Blade Washer renewal– helps to firm up loose grips on various types of dagger £5


2. SA and SS dagger Grip Restoration – this is done using furniture restoration wax and can improve grips that have chips missing and hairline cracks. £50


3. Pommel and Tang Rethread – repairs loose pommels that have threaded. £25


4.SA/SS/NSKK scabbard screw replacement– I will tap the hole and then replace the screw with a steel round head screw (not original screws). £8 (including screw)


5. SA/SS dagger scabbard repaint- old dents can be filled then re sprayed (ideal for SS and NSKK daggers).     £50


6. Scabbard Runner Clean – the scabbard throat is removed then the internal runners are removed and cleaned (helps prevent further blade marks and an internal clean). £20


7. 1st pattern Luftwaffe, Luftwaffe Sword and DLV/NSFK scabbard and grip leather replacement - leather replacement using the Goat leather in navy blue as used originally. 

(Supply only is £30 for  but I can fit scabbard leather for £75 (including the leather) for 1st Luftwaffe daggers and £85 for Swords.

I can also supply for grips at £20 and fit for £55 (including the leather).

 8. HJ Knife Grip and Emblem Replacement - I can replace the front and rear plastic grips and replace the 2 rivets. A HJ diamond replacement can also be added if required.

   1. Supply only of Grip set and rivets  £20

  2. Supply of Repro HItler Youth Diamond £18

    3. Supply only of Grip set, rivets and repro diamond  £38

    4. Fit grip set  (work done by me) with rivets and repro diamond  £78  (plus return                                                                 shipping cost).

9. HJ scabbard Leather strap replacement- we regularly see the leather straps missing from HJ knife scabbards. I can replace the leather strap and the leather fastener that fits around the grip. £50 (plus return shipping).


Contact me for any other free estimates.

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